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Ugh, I hate being friends cutted. It doesn't feel nice. It makes me feel like crap actually. Ah well.

Anyways, I'm starting to get sick. Stuffy nose...ew. Lately I feel stuck, probably because I am. I'm stuck because I need to find a new job. It's not easy. :[

I went to the DSHS office to get medical and they seriously piss me off so much. They want 5986687320 things from me before they'll even consider it. It's stupid. If I was pregnant, they wouldn't even question it. URG. But on the plus side, I will have successfully signed up to get child support from the douche bag. He keeps trying to text me, so I have labeled him "IGNORE". I really hate talking to him in any form.

And Jaedyn is developing the dreaded separation anxiety. Last night in the car, I picked up my sister and her friend from the mall and he started hysterically crying because he didn't recognize my sister's friend. I had to stop the car and take him out to calm him down, poor thing. My mom tested it out by covering his eyes or moving him out of my sight whenever he looked at me or turned towards me. Yeah, he didn't like that.

I hate when there is nothing on t.v. I get bored, and then play the sims 2. I think I may be addicted lol. Well, I think I'm going to go play...(see what I mean!)
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Rodolphus Lestrange.

NAME: Tonya
AGE: 19
OOC EMAIL: kissylips47@hotmail.com
AIM/ANY OTHER CONTACT: alwayspureblack

Your Character
USERNAME: [Bad username: rudy_lestrange__]
FULL NAME: Rodolphus Edren Lestrange
AGE/DATE: 17; February 19th
YEAR/HOUSE: 7th Year Slytherin
BLOODLINE: Pureblood
CLASSES: Herbology, Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, Astronomy
HISTORY: Rodolphus Edren Lestrange was born February 19th to Alexander and Ellis Lestrange. They're first new born entered the wizarding community with a prestigious family background and a bank account which seemed had an infinite amount. Being Pureblood, he was brought up believing that everyone was either marked as an equal or stood below him. Of course, people could only tell by their blood status.

And Rodolphus learned quickly that he would not be an only child to Alexander and Ellis Lestrange. Two years after Rodolphus was born, Ellis became pregnant for the second time with their second son, and Rodolphus' only brother and sibling, Rabastan. Rodolphus perfectly fit the big brother role, although their childhood, teaching everything he knew. They grew up close and had their moments too. When Rodolphus went away to Hogwarts when he turned eleven, it was very difficult for Rodolphus to make Rabastan understand that even though they were parting, that it was not exactly long term, because he would, of course, be home for the holidays. But two years they were reunited at Hogwarts, Rodolphus being the experienced third year, and Rabastan being the ickle first year, vulnerable and naive.

As Rodolphus' third year went on, he found his brother not so much as a friend but more as an annoying tag along which he desperately wanted freedom from. Since then, they are somewhat close but remain distant.
APPEARANCE: Rodolphus is relatively handsome with his dark brown hair and his greyish eyes. He stands at least 6 ft tall, weighing about 140 pounds. He's skinny but not to the point where he's lanky. His body is pretty in shape from all the quidditch practices he participates in.
PERSONALITY: Rodolphus is pretty much like any other Slytherin, he's cold, ruthless, arrogant, yet ambious, and will take any means to get what he desires. Rodolphus is a firm believer that pure blood makes you worthier than any other wizard, and he will not suppress from telling you so. Rodolphus also has a temper, a horrible one which rarely ends up coming violent, but it can happen. A dark person comes with a cold heart. His only soft spot would have to be Rabastan, Rodolphus feel's like he's his brother's mentor and best friend. But he would not cease to reprimand his little brother if he stepped out of line. Quidditch is pretty much his only outlet when it comes to anger. He can focus all his energy out on the field.
PARENT OF: He has no kids.
RPG SAMPLE: Rodolphus smirked as he watched his brother attempt for the countless time to summon the fly that was buzzing around the compartment. They were on the train ride to Hogwarts and the atmosphere was rather noisy, which left Rodolphus pangs of annoyance and a headache to go along with it.
"Oh, come on! Accio fly!" Rabastan said, frustrated as the fly continued to fly around, no sign of being summoned anywhere.

"Patience, my brother. You will get it, concentration is the key." said an amused Rodolphus, smartly. He already knew he was going to get a nasty retort from his brother. His brother had a temper that easily flared, as all Lestrange boys inherit. Rodolphus just learned to control it. "Easy for you to say!" Rabastan snarled, dropping his wand on the empty seat next to him, apparently giving up. "You know all this stuff already." Rodolphus just rolled his eyes and turned to look out the window. He didn't
feel like having a row with his brother at the moment. As he blocked out his brother and his useless efforts, Rodolphus noticed that darkness grew upon the sky and Hogwarts was growing larger.

Soon enough, the train slowed to a stop and Rodolphus, already changed into his robes got up. Exiting the train, Rodolphus made his way towards the horseless carriages, glaring at people from different houses who were making their way towards the same carriage. As he got in the carriage, a group of fellow Slytherins climbed in to. "Hello, Severus." Rodolphus said politely to his house mate, making conversation. "Have a nice summer?" The other people he recognized in the carriage were Regulus Black and Alecto Carrows. Rodolphus was thankful, he knew his company could of been much worse.
JOURNAL SAMPLE: Has anyone finished Slughorn's brutal essay? He said I need to turn it in before Monday or I'll get detention. It's six inches long and still needs another eight inches to go! That was a rather fun get together at Slughorn's.

Anyone know when quidditch practice is? I forgot, again. And don't we have a
quidditch match in like two or three weeks? Lately, it seems like I'm losing
my mind with all that's been happening at Hogwarts, you know, with all the
events happening and what not.
Yeah, well I'm hungry.
PLAY-BY: Jonathan Rhys Meyers or Andrew Smith
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Andrew Smith:
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&lt;3 harry potter series

James Potter Application.


Personal Information:

Name: Tonya
Age: 19
AIM: alwayspureblack
Email Address: kissylips47@hotmail.com
Time zone: Pacific
RP Experience: I've been playing for well over three years. I've modded several communities that have died. I've played several different characters, mostly sticking to mwpp era characters.


Full Name: James Michael Potter
Nicknames: Prongs, to those select few; arragant toe rag, to that of one red head.
Date of Birth: March 27, 1960
Age: 15
House and Year: Gryffindor 5th Year
Wand: Mahagony, 11" pliable; excellent for transfiguration.
Classes: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Potions, Astronomy, and Herbology.
Bloodline: Pureblood.
Sexual Orientation/Marital Status: Straight.

Please be as descriptive as possible here.
Appearance: James stands at 5'9 at 135 pounds with jet black hair and hazel eyes. As a tall and thin gryffindor, James proudly walks around hogwarts with a demeanor they may be arrogant or somewhat cruel to others, while messing up those jet black locks, appearing as if he just got off his broom.
History: The Potters are a very wealthy family that always had a lot of money, and Dorea and Charlus both have very well paying jobs at the ministry. Dorea works in the department of International Magical Cooperation and Charlus works for the Department of Magical Games and Sports. Normally, the Potters had more money than they knew what to do with. So, the Potters were also a family who donated lots of money to different causes in the wizarding community making them very well liked.

Dorea and Charlus Potter tried everything imaginable to have a child, but nothing seemed to work for them. They remained hopeful for a while, but after so many failed attempts the two had accepted that a child of their own just wasn't in the cards for them. However, in 1959 Dorea became pregnant again. The family was very doubtful that the pregnancy would go well after all the other times had ended in disaster, and by now Dorea was an older woman, but miraculously on March 27, 1960 Dorea gave birth to a healthy baby boy who they named James William. The Potters were ecstatic, and amazed that everything had gone perfectly. James had a very pampered childhood, since the Potters dotted on their only son. James grew up in a big house in Birmingham, England. His parents were both very kind people and devoted parents. They loved James dearly, and he had a great childhood. At an early age, James developed a love for Quidditch. His father always got the best tickets for Quidditch games because of his job and got to sit in the VIP box at the World Cup, James always with him. James knew from the time he was five years old that he wanted to play Quidditch.

His parents attended Hogwarts in their time and were very proud of James when he received his letter of acceptance, although this came as no surprise to any of the Potters who had been attending the school for generations. However, his parents couldn't help but make a big fuss over it. James, of course, was thrilled about Hogwarts, having heard lots of it from his parents, and generally everyone he knew. He had his mind set on getting into Gryffindor, and again, no one doubted that he'd be accepted into the house with open arms; after all he was a Potter. Practically his entire family had been sorted into that house, and to James, there was no house better than Gryffindor.

Upon arriving at the platform he bumped into Sirius Black. The two sat together on the train and quickly discovered they had lots in common, and surely enough a great friendship was in the making from that day on. The two were both sorted into Gryffindor and James made more friends quickly, since he was never one to be shy. Soon enough, he became best friends with Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew and it was a rare occasion to see one of the four boys without at least one of their friends in their company. It was especially rare to see James without Sirius or Sirius without James.

Through his years, James got a reputation of being two things for sure; a trouble maker and a great Quidditch player. James was both, and proud of it. He and his friends became known as the 'marauders' and insured chaos and havoc in Hogwarts, making it nearly impossible for Gryffindor to ever win the house cup (which was a dumb competition that only goody-goodies carried about, if you were to ask James). However, the lose in this inter-house competition was made up for by the fact that Gryffindor always excelled in Quidditch, and James certainly contributed to that. In his second year, James became a chaser on the Gryffindor house team and sped past his opponents with great agility, and usually always managed to get the quaffle in. Personality: Many students’ first impression of James Potter is that he is arrogant and cocky; and these assumptions are usually well justified. He's good at what he does and knows it. However, this said arrogance doesn't stop only at his abilities, but it has effected other parts of his behavior. For instance, he tends to look at some "certain" students with a great amount of disdain. James isn't cruel, necessarily, after all everyone dislikes certain people. He just doesn't keep it to himself. In reality, James is just very comfortable with himself and confident with whom he is, and if you were to ask him that's certainly a lot better than if he didn't believe in his talents and capabilities.

James is highly intelligent. He is a brilliant student and is especially remarkable at Transfiguration. Since James is so smart he often doesn't feel challenged in school which is certainly a factor in his behavioral problems. Instead, he tends to focus his energies towards more difficult challenges. From the time he was twelve, James and his friends began to work on becoming animagi and at the young age of fifteen, James successfully managed to become an unregistered animagi; though only his fellow marauders are aware of this. James absorbs material very easily and understands it well. However, just as many people who are very smart, James lacks in the common sense department. The way James works and thinks is often confusing to many people, and he often leaves them baffled by his actions. Some may call him crazy, but really he's just reckless; the type of person who jumps before they look. However, he doesn't always act in this manner, when it comes down to serious matters James handles them appropriately.

To some, their first impression of James can be entirely wrong, but he's the one who decides that. Aside from his arrogant tendencies, James is a natural born leader and a good person, namely to fellow house mates. He is very loyal to his small group of close friends. James will do just about anything for them. When it comes down to it, James would die for his friends if it came to that extreme. James cares for his friends a lot and accepts them for who they are. His closest friends are noticeably Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew, but for anyone else, he'd probably act in the same manner no matter who they were. He may be judgmental on occasion, but never hesitates to lend a helping hand when it's really needed. As for his "practical" jokes, he never really goes out to harm anyone, though it does happen.
Strengths and Weaknesses: James' obvious strengths would definitely be he's a natural born leader, you see this in many ways, in quidditch and amongst his friends. James is also capable of immense loyalty, only to those who he deems close, of course. James' undoubtable weaknesses would have to be he tends to be reckless, not entirely as bad as Sirius but close to. Also, one particular weakness would definitely be one Gryffindor red head who goes by the name of Lily Evans.
Habits\Quirks: James' obvious habit is that he messies up his black hair deliberately to make him appear as if he just jumped off his broom.
Skills: James has plenty of skills. He is one of the best chasers in the school and is on the Quidditch team. He is rather skilled with his talent in Transfiguration, in fact at the end of this school year, James will have mastered animagus, along with Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew. Also the four of them, will create a magical map that detects every person's presence in the castle.
Friends and Enemies: James had the best of friends that included: Sirius Black (best mate), Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. For the most part, he did get along with most of the school. Of course there are exceptions (Slytherins). His only true enemy was Severus Snape, who was known to be quite jealous of James' talent and cleverness.
Plans for your Character: Well James has quite the agenda for this year. Finish a map, perfect becoming an animagus, troll the grounds with his best mates on full moons, win some quidditch matches, ace his O.W.L.s, torture Snivellus, and of course, win the heart of the delectible Lily Evans.

Writing Examples:
First Person Writing Example: Did you know that if you aim just right, you can throw parchment balls right through Professor Binn's head without him even noticing? I swear, sometimes I think he forgets he teaching a class and just lectures. Nevermind, if he knows what he's talking about. Hey Moony, did you take notes today? I don't understand how you can honestly continue to take notes and pay attention.

I wish Quidditch would come sooner. I'm itching to get out there. Does anyone know who the new Gryffindor captain is? I didn't hear yet. Not that I'm going to need to attend the try outs or anything.

[hexed; sirius]Hey padfoot, I heard about the most amazing thing from some bloke who in Ravenclaw. Apparently when you become of age in the muggle world, you can attend these places called strip clubs. It's where a bunch of birds, dance and take their clothes off on stages! Honestly, I'd fancy seeing one of them. [/hexed]

Third Person Writing Example: It was after Quidditch practice and James was walking back up towards the Gryffindor common room with broom in hand. It was a great practice, everyone was flying really well. James was sure they were not have any problem with their match against Slytherin. Just then, it reminded James that the match was less than a week away. He was getting kind of antsy with anticipation.

James muttered the password the Fat Lady's portrait swung open and he stepped inside habitually. Upon entering the room he heard muffled yells coming from the dormitories which perked his attention. He threw furtive glances around the room, which told him by the way most people were turning to see what it was (but to no avail), that the yelling had just started. Without wasting any time he headed up to investigate the trouble. As he headed up the stairwell the yells grew louder and he pressed his ear upon the door to his own dormitory only to find the yells had originated from within.

At the sound of breaking glass, his eyes widened and he opened the door slightly to see what all the commotion was about.

"PETER STOP! WE CAN TRY AGAIN LATER JUST STOP!" Sirius' voice resounded clearly from within. James's face burst into a broad grin when he saw what had happened. Peter was on the floor half his regular size and had some rather unpleasant rat features visible on his body.

"I thought you said you didn't have any trouble transforming anymore Peter." James said as he closed the door behind him. He laughed to himself. "Merlin you look terrible. What did you break?" He asked his eyes widening as he searched the room.

"A tea-cup" Piped up Remus who was sitting in the window seat reading a book quietly as if he hadn't been paying attention to what had happened in the room a bit earlier. James laughed, and shook his head.

"The whole bloody common room is up in a twist because of the racket you two've made..." He chuckled as he flopped lazily on to his own four-poster and sighed. The sly smile he had on his face only reflected the horrible plan he had going through his mind, but his concious convinced him that Peter probably wouldn't talk to him again if he chucked him down the stair well for the rest of the house to see...